4 Steps to be an Organized Real Estate Agent


Want to become proactive, well organized and in control of your broking business? It can be hectic to be a real estate agent. With some incredible tips, you can reduce everyday chaos and have an organized business which will lead you to success.



  1. Manage your clientele

A CRM can be used to maintain your customer relationship so that all the information is accessible in one central location. This helps you plan and organize your marketing activities. Maintaining contacts with your past clients and sphere of influence is considered to be very important. It is suggested by top Real estate advisors that you should make quarterly calls, emails, plan some events like client appreciation nights to keep in touch with them. CRM can be used to plan, schedule and organize your activities so that you maintain contact with your Real Estate database.  Set reminders in your CRM so that you know what to do when.

  1. Calendar and task list

Organized brokers log into their CRM system every day to check their task list and calendar. This allows them to see the appointments for the day instantly to give them an overview of the tasks that need to be accomplished for the day.

As you get over with the tasks, check them out of your list so that your list will stay updated. This serves mainly two purposes. Firstly, you can track your progress and have an idea about where you stand in terms of work. Secondly, there is a feel good factor associated with it as you check off tasks from your to do list. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or discouraged, you can look at your task list and be happy about your accomplishments rather.

  1. Plans on Listing and closing activities

It’s easy for things to go wrong when it comes to details related to the listing and closing of a property. Planning activities about Listing and closing will help you manage and recollect steps associated with these processes. Make a plan on listing or closing activities so that every task related to it will appear on your task list and calendar. You can choose to have email alerts related to it too.

  1. Drip marketing

From a sales perspective, it would be great to be able to call every single person in your real estate database regularly and send them ongoing direct mail. This act as an  amazing strategy for relationship-building and often help with getting more referrals and further business. However, when it comes to reality, calling and mailing all our clients  is not very feasible from an economic point of view. It may be limited to  your best clients or priority list as possible.

The question remains is what can you do to keep in touch with everyone else in your database? The significance of drip marketing lies here. Emailing is economical and takes up very less time. You should regularly send email messages to your SOI (sphere of influence). A good CRM for the property sector comes with automated drip email marketing campaigns for different types of contacts. The campaign that works best for your business can be selected to fit into your requirements. Mails are automatically sent out regularly in drip campaigns, according to the frequency set by you. This means that while you are in the field, or in a meeting, or doing any sales related activities, you’re also marketing to a lead or prospect at the same time.

If you incorporate these suggestions into your daily activities, it will work wonders in your day-to-day organization of tasks. And when you’re well organized, you could perform your work better and project a more professional image in front of your clients.

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