7 Points to think before you seal the deal

7 Tips for Home BuyingBuying a house is always a tough task. For most of us, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The decision of buying not only depends on the budget that one has but many other factors as well. Each factor would have different priorities for each individual. We have jotted down few important factors that one should consider while making the choice of the dream house.

  1. Connectivity: You have to go to work on a daily basis and so are your family members. This may become tedious, if you have bought a house in a place which is overcrowded or far fetched from work location. Also, another aspect to it would be reviewing the public transport. One must check for the convenience of hiring a public transport.
  2. Safety and Security: This has been an issue which has made us think at least a hundred times when deciding upon a house. With today’s nuclear families, wherein the lady travels alone, kids return from schools on their own and the man comes in late in the night after work; safety and security is of prime importance. It would be highly suggested to get you house in a closed premise. For an example, if you are planning to buy an apartment it would be idle to buy one in a society rather than a small freehold land converted into a floor based apartment.
  3. Infrastructure: Always check the master plan for the given area to understand the width of the roads that connect you to the main road. Given the fact that we are a developing country, the number of cars is increasing day by day. Thus one can expect cars to be parked on the road itself. So, if you and your neighbour across the street park cars in the same fashion then a broader road also might become slimmer and hard to pass by. Apart from this, check the proximity to the markets for your daily needs. This would come handy when you would have to get supplies for your home.
  4. Medical Facility: One does not need to be old to have a medical emergency. It is not possible for an individual, more specifically in nuclear families to be able to handle such situations in a single handed manner. It would be a boon if you have a hospital in vicinity where one could be rushed in emergency situations. Not to forget, a hospital in proximity can save the travelling time for the routine medical check-ups and follow ups.
  5. Proximity to School: We, as adults are used to the city traffic. However, children do not have so much of patience. It would be very difficult for children to travel to schools which are far off from your house. It would be best if you have a good school in vicinity.
  6. Locality: It is important to analyse the locality around your new home. If the locality comprises of mixed sizes of freehold lands or apartments, you could expect people around you to be of various income groups. This may not match with your mindset and the kind of environment that you are used to. Thus buying a large land in such a locality may not be great.
  7. Space and Future Aspects: As you are buying a new house for yourself, you must think big and anticipate about you future family as well. This means, as a couple you may be blessed with a child soon. Thus, you should be ready with a room for your child as s/he grows. A freehold land may be expandable however if you are planning for an apartment this could be something of high importance.

Well these are few points which one should take a note while taking a decision about buying a new house. A trusted broker can always do these researches for you and can give a simpler list rather than you searching a list of properties. Kolabro is an app, available for Android and i-Phone which helps your trusted brokers to find more options for you. A Smart Kolabro Broker would always research for you and share great deals with you.

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