6 Best Residential Locations in Gurgaon.

Best Locations

Gurgaon has developed from Guru Gram to today’s Gurgaon. We have seen the city grow from barren lands to a cluster of modern skyscrapers. If you are relocating to Gurgaon then here are some awesome locations where you could buy your home.

Below are the top 6 places in Gurgaon where you could live:

  1. DLF City Phase 1: This area like many other parts of the city has been built from scratch by DLF. It has the right mix of residential and commercial buildings. Silver Oaks Apartment is one of the best creations of DLF Group. This apartment complex offers luxurious and elegant housing options for you. It is situated in a prime location of Gurgaon-Faridabad road. In this residential apartment you will find a huge community center along with badminton court and swimming pool. Moreover, this residential apartment is very close to some of the wonderful malls like Metropolitan Mall, Mega Mall, DT City Mall etc.
  2. DLF City Phase 2: It is one of the most urbanized areas of Gurgaon and it is located just near to IFFCO Chowk. If your office is situated in Gurgaon and if that is the reason for relocation then this is the area. This area offers convenience, comfort and luxury all in one place. Residential apartments are available in this area in the form of condos like Hamilton Towers, Belvedere towers, Oakwood Estate etc. All the residential apartment complexes located in this area are bound to provide you a classy lifestyle.
  3. Sushant Lok 1: It is one of the best constructions of Ansal Group. If you are looking for luxurious lifestyle in Gurgaon then you may prefer to stay in this area. The area is mostly residential with freehold lands. Various shopping arcasdes are situated near this area due to which many people are attracted and want to get settled here. Moreover, you will find all the essential things required in your day to day life if you stay here.
  4. Sushant Lok 2: Another excellent construction of Ansal Group. Similar to the predesor, it offers some great luxury spaces for living. It is near to some of the major corporate houses due to which many people want to settle in this location. This is considered as the enviable location where air is pollution free and grass always remain green.
  5. M.G. Road: This area is full of restaurants, shopping malls and residential apartments. Due to all these facilities people prefer to buy or rent houses here. Moreover, you can access all the necessary needs with ease.
  6. Sohna Road: With high demand and lack of land in Gurgaon, Sohna Road has come to the spot light. It offers a good mix of residential and commercial area. Moreover, a four lane road is available for the convenience of the people. All the major developers are introducing their projects in this area.

Though Gurgaon offers a variety to settle down. It is always easy to communicate your needs to your trusted broker who in turn can give you an assorted list of houses to review before you move in.

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