New Age Real Estate Business Mantra: Technology + Smart Agent = Success

addOver the last decade, the world has seen a multitude of technologies emerging and transforming the way we work  and exist.  Innovations brought about a succession of changes that have transformed various industries across the globe. Enterprises are moving towards technology  to lead them towards growth and success. The real estate industry is in a transition phase witnessing a major transformation with regard to the integration of technology. Continue reading New Age Real Estate Business Mantra: Technology + Smart Agent = Success

Housing Bubble: Is Faridabad a safer bet?

farida-01Gurgaon, the millennium city and Faridabad, are two key provinces that have enticed immense real estate development in the region during the past decade. However, if you want to trade off a better location to a spacious living unit, then Faridabad should be the answer. Faridabad’s proximity to Delhi as well as Gurgaon makes it an ideal location for people looking for larger living spaces at better prices. The limited availability of living spaces coupled with the sharp rise of property prices in the Gurgaon & Delhi makes Faridabad, the next location to look into. Continue reading Housing Bubble: Is Faridabad a safer bet?

GURGAON: The Journey from Flat Plains to Sky High

blog-02Gurgaon has been in the forefront of progress and expansion in the real estate sector of the nation. Over the past decade, Gurgaon witnessed an immense growth and prompt urbanization. Gurgaon was earlier perceived as an economic wasteland.It was in 1979 that Gurgaon came into existence when Haryana government divided its region in the outskirts of Delhi into Faridabad and Gurgaon. Continue reading GURGAON: The Journey from Flat Plains to Sky High


Fb-social-media-banner-03It has always been important to market your products or services to reach out to your target customers. But whether to go digital or the traditional way is something that is debatable. Traditionally, marketing was done through various media like Televisions, Newspapers, Bill boards, Radio, Magazines, business cards etc. Continue reading DIGITAL Vs TRADITIONAL


blogThe question whether it is better to buy or rent is debatable. It would be one of the most important financial decisions one would make in their lifetime, whether to buy or rent a house. There is a large variation associated with it since buying a house involves a big financial investment. This makes it difficult to say if buying is a better option than renting. Continue reading BUYING Vs RENTING