Second Home

2nd homeThis is a budding concept in India. Second home has been a long lived concept however strictly restricted to the top notch and millionaires. The second home is a home away from home majorly meant for relaxation and vacationing.

Lately, this concept is becoming more and more popular and a wide acceptance is being noted.  Industry professionals, say that with the hustle bustle in the busy city lives, relaxation is restricted to watching a movie or having dinner. Unfortunately, due to lack of option, it has become monotonous. This could be regarded as a main reason for revival of a minimalist concept of second home. In the last decade, Indian economy has seen a lot of growth. The working professionals have higher income and spending power. This also has contributed towards the acceptance of the concept. Continue reading Second Home

Delhi’s Most Expensive Residential Localities



Since February 13, 1911, Delhi has been the center of attraction for a lot of us. Every year there is an influx of population that moves from neighbouring areas into the city. The traffic on the road speaks about the high population residing here. Delhi’s population is a mixed population of rich, poor, skilled and unskilled labour.

Here are 7 most expensive residential areas of capital: Continue reading Delhi’s Most Expensive Residential Localities

What is a leasehold property?



We all have heard the term leasehold property. In Noida and Greater Noida, most properties are on leasehold for a period of 90 or 99 years as mentioned on lease dead with the builder. While you do own the property for this period, scepticism pertaining to renewal post this 90/99 years period is something that may bother you. Before we go deeper in to the topic, let’s understand a few significant aspects of a leasehold properties. Continue reading What is a leasehold property?

7 Points to think before you seal the deal

7 Tips for Home BuyingBuying a house is always a tough task. For most of us, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The decision of buying not only depends on the budget that one has but many other factors as well. Each factor would have different priorities for each individual. We have jotted down few important factors that one should consider while making the choice of the dream house. Continue reading 7 Points to think before you seal the deal

4 Reasons to Buy Your Home in Noida Extension

Noida ExtensionNCR has been a volatile real estate market. With passing time real estate is appreciating in terms of prices. It would not be wrong to say that if you take too much of time to think, you may be losing the opportunity. Often as a home buyer or an investor, one thinks why he or she should buy a home in Noida Extension.  In war of the best location, Noida Extension has emerged as the buyer’s choice in Delhi NCR. Let’s find out the top 4 reasons behind this. Continue reading 4 Reasons to Buy Your Home in Noida Extension

What is Subvention Scheme? Is it for me?

Subvention - Blog Image

Real estate in India is undergoing a dim phase and the year 2012 has witnessed tumbling sales and launches across the country. Developers and builders are coming up with innovative plans and schemes along with cooperation from banks to lure the buyers throughout the country. This has given birth to subvention scheme. Continue reading What is Subvention Scheme? Is it for me?

Is Investing In Real Estate Worth The Pain?

real-estate- BlogThis question haunted us for years. Everyone says investing in real estate is a sure shot win situation. Let’s find out the reality.

Everyone has grown up listening to our parent’s talking about the importance of “owning a home”. Thus, this makes us really comfortable while planning for investing in land, apartment or any other property deal. Continue reading Is Investing In Real Estate Worth The Pain?