Home Loans

Home-loan-interest-2In metro cities most of the home buyers are the working professionals. This class of people are high earners and are mostly self-made people. Thus they do not have huge funds at disposal but are capable of earning big bucks. To fulfil their dreams of owning a house, they usually turn towards financial institutions to fund their dreams. Banks and other financial institutions often extend loans for longer durations. The tenure though depends on creditability and the financial institution; usually longer term loans are taken.

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Second Home

2nd homeThis is a budding concept in India. Second home has been a long lived concept however strictly restricted to the top notch and millionaires. The second home is a home away from home majorly meant for relaxation and vacationing.

Lately, this concept is becoming more and more popular and a wide acceptance is being noted.  Industry professionals, say that with the hustle bustle in the busy city lives, relaxation is restricted to watching a movie or having dinner. Unfortunately, due to lack of option, it has become monotonous. This could be regarded as a main reason for revival of a minimalist concept of second home. In the last decade, Indian economy has seen a lot of growth. The working professionals have higher income and spending power. This also has contributed towards the acceptance of the concept. Continue reading Second Home

Bangalore’s Real Estate Growth

Embassy-Cessna-Business-ParkBangalore is no doubt is one of the fastest growing cities in India. It is also known as the silicon valley of India. As the name suggests, most of the IT giants have their offices in Bangalore. Companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple, Accenture, etc. have their head offices here. The city enjoys high demand in real estate. As per recent studies, Bangalore is one of the few cities where property prices are stable and most likely to rise in the near future. Property Developers in Bangalore are grabbing every opportunity they can get to turn a potential piece of land into an investment. Bangalore has become a major hub for residential and commercial investors for real estate. Continue reading Bangalore’s Real Estate Growth

Employment Opportunities in Pune Drive Real Estate Boom


Couple of years back, Pune was just another city in proximity to the fast moving city of Mumbai. The real estate demand of this city increased due to the virtue of rural demand and proximity to the financial capital, Mumbai, initially. However, with the ongoing economic development, Pune is no longer considered to be a small city. It has become the powerhouse of economy in all aspects. The city offers an ideal blend of service sectors and manufacturing companies. It has unmatched job generation rates which is quite difficult to match with other cities. Continue reading Employment Opportunities in Pune Drive Real Estate Boom

Importance of Digital Presence for Real Estate Brokers.


Digital media is gaining high importance in fast growing Indian economy. With more and more people getting hooked to internet via laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.; it is becoming important for real estate brokers to have a prominent presence online.

The reasons for digital presence:

1. Customers usually start their home search online.

2. A well-rounded portfolio on the site establishes credibility.

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Life Cycle of a Real Estate Leads



A lead is a query or someone showing interest in your product. Typically this is the most important thing for any business organization. In real estate sector lead generation plays a vital role, especially in a low demand market. Each lead can be classified into 3 different categories as mentioned below: Continue reading Life Cycle of a Real Estate Leads

Delhi’s Most Expensive Residential Localities



Since February 13, 1911, Delhi has been the center of attraction for a lot of us. Every year there is an influx of population that moves from neighbouring areas into the city. The traffic on the road speaks about the high population residing here. Delhi’s population is a mixed population of rich, poor, skilled and unskilled labour.

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7 Points to think before you seal the deal

7 Tips for Home BuyingBuying a house is always a tough task. For most of us, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The decision of buying not only depends on the budget that one has but many other factors as well. Each factor would have different priorities for each individual. We have jotted down few important factors that one should consider while making the choice of the dream house. Continue reading 7 Points to think before you seal the deal

Pre-launch properties: Is it a good deal?

Pre-launchPre-launch in real estate sector refers to those properties or inventories which a developer plans to develop in near future. They would spread the word to gather investors and buyers for an unconstructed property. Usually, they would buy the land and raise funds while they start building the property. Continue reading Pre-launch properties: Is it a good deal?

4 Reasons to Buy Your Home in Noida Extension

Noida ExtensionNCR has been a volatile real estate market. With passing time real estate is appreciating in terms of prices. It would not be wrong to say that if you take too much of time to think, you may be losing the opportunity. Often as a home buyer or an investor, one thinks why he or she should buy a home in Noida Extension.  In war of the best location, Noida Extension has emerged as the buyer’s choice in Delhi NCR. Let’s find out the top 4 reasons behind this. Continue reading 4 Reasons to Buy Your Home in Noida Extension