Importance of Digital Presence for Real Estate Brokers.


Digital media is gaining high importance in fast growing Indian economy. With more and more people getting hooked to internet via laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.; it is becoming important for real estate brokers to have a prominent presence online.

The reasons for digital presence:

1. Customers usually start their home search online.

2. A well-rounded portfolio on the site establishes credibility.

3. Lead generation at a low cost happens online, can boost his business. Continue reading Importance of Digital Presence for Real Estate Brokers.


Fb-social-media-banner-03It has always been important to market your products or services to reach out to your target customers. But whether to go digital or the traditional way is something that is debatable. Traditionally, marketing was done through various media like Televisions, Newspapers, Bill boards, Radio, Magazines, business cards etc. Continue reading DIGITAL Vs TRADITIONAL