6 Best Residential Locations in Gurgaon.

Best Locations

Gurgaon has developed from Guru Gram to today’s Gurgaon. We have seen the city grow from barren lands to a cluster of modern skyscrapers. If you are relocating to Gurgaon then here are some awesome locations where you could buy your home.

Below are the top 6 places in Gurgaon where you could live:

  1. DLF City Phase 1: This area like many other parts of the city has been built from scratch by DLF. It has the right mix of residential and commercial buildings. Continue reading 6 Best Residential Locations in Gurgaon.

Did You Do a Background Check on Your Landlord?


While renting or leasing there are tons of question that you answer to your landlord. The landlord on the other side learns a lot about you, right from where you work to your credit history and what not. But what do you know about your landlord. Are you sure he would respect your privacy, does maintenance on time, etc. Continue reading Did You Do a Background Check on Your Landlord?


blogThe question whether it is better to buy or rent is debatable. It would be one of the most important financial decisions one would make in their lifetime, whether to buy or rent a house. There is a large variation associated with it since buying a house involves a big financial investment. This makes it difficult to say if buying is a better option than renting. Continue reading BUYING Vs RENTING